The Dream Team Virtual Workshop:

How to Lead, Love, and Lift Your Practice

Thank you for your interest in joining!As of this moment we are still working on the dates of our next Dream Team Workshop. You can enlist yourself to get first-hand information by clicking this button below. 

The biggest frustration in practice is when we fall short from creating a BIGGER impact in our communities.

It is a disappointment when your practice seems to have the right "people" but lack the cohesion you want, or when we lose great team members and find it difficult to replace them. Or when the challenge to find incredible CAs in this job market seems like an impossible task. 

We all know that "Success in Practice" is never achieved by one person alone. No matter how great you are as a chiropractor... without a TEAM behind you - you will never reach your fullest potential to create the experience or impact in your community. 

The Power of a Dream Team

The key to a successful practice is the creation of a DREAM TEAM.

A Dream Team is created when every member has a singular focus on fulfilling an idea or a mission. Where they will self organise, self motivate and perform at the highest level to achieve overall success. 

A Dream Team is greater than the sum of its members. There is something magical when a team has people in it that can create cohesion and FLOW. 

The Irreplaceable CAs

A successful practice requires three fundamental units: the chiropractor, patients and the CA (Chiropractic Assistant). Most chiropractors focus on growing a successful practice by gaining more knowledge, proof, tactics, strategies and techniques in MARKETING.

All of this makes the chiropractor a "skilled" technician. Still, it does not translate into practice success or stability... if there is NO ONE to help EXECUTE or IMPLEMENT any of the good intentions and ideas from the practitioner.  

The Chiropractic Assistant is NOT a glorified secretary.  

They are your Front Line of your business. They are the concierge of your practice as the first and last person your patients interact with on any given visit.

They MAKE or BREAK your practice.

But how much TIME do you spend HIRING the right team members? How often do you TRAIN your CAs the right way? 

When your staff meetings become a gathering which everyone hates and when each meeting seems to be a "Déjà Vu" session of the last meeting - these are signs that the team is stagnant. 

The worse part is this is the sign that your practice has reached a plateau... and slowly sliding backwards into irrelevancy.  

The Dream Team Virtual Workshop

To create a Dream Team Culture requires everyone to "buy in" to a shared VISION, share common VALUES and willing to live the VIBE of the Culture CODE. 

How is this event different?

We are going VIRTUAL. We are taking our LIVE event and creating a VIRTUAL EVENT so that more practices from around the world can attend and participate. At a time where travel is restrictive and costly, we have made it SIMPLE by creating the Dream Team Virtual Workshop.

I have designed the workshop so that your team can attend it from the comfort of their own home. This makes it easy and straightforward, with no travel expenses or restrictions. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

But would it still be interactive? 

I know what you might be thinking, You would rather have a LIVE event because you want to interact with other teams and mastermind ideas and strategies. I would love that too! With that in mind, I have designed this entire workshop from top to bottom to ensure that you will have a chance to interact with other teams and CAs during the event. The technology we use along with the design of our workshop allows us to break out into small groups and strategise with teams from around the world. 

What do I need?

All you need is a computer with an internet connection. You don’t even need to be together in one room. In fact, it is probably better if each of your team members attend on their own computers or laptops in the comfort of their own house. 

This workshop will be delivered online and will be broken up into four sessions. We will have appropriate breaks in between the sessions and plenty of ideas and action steps for you to implement immediately.  

Who is this for?

This Virtual Workshop is designed for the entire team members that includes Chiropractors, Associates, Practice Managers and the CA's. The entire workshop will be focusing on how you are going to work as a team and create interactive elements to help you build a successful dream team.

This is the reason why I designed The Dream Team Workshop.

In the Dream Team virtual workshop, I will take the Chiropractors and CAs to understand the impact and power they have in practice. Empower each member about their role and responsibility and how to make themselves more efficient and effective in growing the BUSINESS.  

The Dream Team requires members who see themselves as someone who leads rather than follows. Someone who are empowered to make decisions that will serve the greater good of the practice. They identify the needs of the clients and can effectively adapt, manage and troubleshoot without bothering the "busy" chiropractor.

The Dream Team is the missing key to raising the standards in practice today. This is NOT a seminar. It will be an intensive Virtual WORKSHOP to help your team, including the Chiropractors, Practice Managers and CAs to develop skills, and strategies to make your practice more effective. It is a HANDS-ON and interactive experience for the entire TEAM. 

We will be working in groups with your own team and other teams to gain the most of the program. If you are looking to create a better DREAM TEAM in your practice and help you grow into a Profit and Freedom Practice... this virtual workshop is mandatory.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and align the entire team to your vision by the end of the virtual workshop. We will explore the latest neuroscience, psychology and business to build a High Performing Dream Team for your practice in 2020 and beyond. 

In this Virtual Workshop, they will learn:

  • How each person plays an integral ROLE in the business
  • The best way to communicate and handle the "7 Deadly Objections" from patients/clients
  • ​Implement the "Dream Team Flow Strategy" designed to create better efficiency in practice
  • To Create an "Ideal MARKETING Plan" for a Chiropractic Practice
  • ​How a "Mapping a Patient Experience Journey" can improve your retention and referrals 
  • ​and Much more!

What CAs have said about this workshop..

Laurence was great, I loved his energy & style... he actually asked the room what they wanted from the workshop which made the information really relevant to the majority of the attendees.

It was evident that Laurence has the experience & knowledge to serve CA's, He brought to the table subjects that helped us as CA's.

It was great that he adjusted the presentation to the relevant things, we CA's wanted to learn.

Energy of Laurence was infectious, Feel reinvigorated as a CA.

I liked the way he tailored the course to suit the participants' needs, and thank god no projectors with manual content projected.

Laurence made a lot of sense, and some of his insights were great.